We aim to help educate, and inform other dog breeders, owners, lovers, fellow dog enthusiast....through intelligent or educated discussion, exchange of ideas, advice, suggestions, share of experience and others.....we intend to host different topics from proper dog caring, practice, health and reproduction, handling, training strategies, methods and techniques from positive to balance, observation, behavior adjustment, breed standard and history, kennel ideals, and so on....any advice given and/or posted when applied is the responsibility of the individual member, you should verify and ask the guidance of professionals like licensed vets and certified behavior specialist.

What we are not, is a buy and sell site so please, do not post any ads, or for sale or for stud. This group is created for knowledge not marketing, do not post any animal abuse or need to be rescued pictures or video's, those belong to the Animal welfare or rights group, post them in their group page not here. charities and other group event need admin approval first, "like picture" contest and other kinds of contest are not allowed.

Respect is expected, anything that is disrespectful will result to being kick and ban. all the others are subject to the admin discretion.