Cook for Love - Low Protein Cooking for the PKU Community

Cook for Love is a culinary non-for-profit dedicated to the PKU community. We launched a free website in August 2009 that provides professionally developed low protein recipes and online cooking demos. As moms of children with PKU, we hope to save you some of the frustration we experienced in the kitchen. We are determined to raise the bar when it comes to expectations on what low protein food can taste like. People who suffer from PKU lack a liver enzyme, not taste buds! When Molly went to kindergarten, I went to culinary school. Rosie has been there every step of the way -- she actually started me on this journey, but that is a long story that I am sure you will hear soon. She tests recipes, offers feedback, guidance, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen to me complain, a glass of wine when necessary, etc. In other words, she is an invaluable friend. We are called Cook for Love, because as a parent of a child with PKU that is what you must do.