Otto von Habsburg Appreciation Society

The eldest son of Charles, the last Emperor of Austria and last King of Hungary. Had he actually reigned as Emperor from 1922, Otto would have the longest reign of any monarch in the recorded history of the world, 85 years.

A fervent Austrian patriot, Otto opposed the Nazi Anschluss in Austria in 1938 and was sentenced to death by Hitler. He helped to rescue many thousand Jews and had to flee to the US himself.

An early advocate of a unified Europe, Otto was president of the International Paneuropean Union from 1986 to 2004. He served from 1979 till 1999 as a Member of the European Parliament for the conservative CSU party, becoming the Senior Member of the supranational body.

Still today he fights for a unified, peaceful Europe and has spoken out against the dangers of Russian autocrat Putin and his secret police gang.