Chakdaha Ramlal Academy

'Think before you post'
1. This is a group of
ex-students,guardians,members of
managing committee,teaching &
non-teaching staff of Chakdaha Ramlal
2. No 'friend request' will be accepted without
mentioning the name 'Chakdaha Ramlal
Academy' with year in your profile as a
proof of linkage with this institution.
3. Generate new ideas for all round
development of our beloved institution.
4. Promote inter-action for the betterment of
present students of the school.
5. Protest against any incident which directly
or indirectly disgraces the esteemed
institution or its member(s) caused by any
person(s),organisation(s), or political
6. No post will be allowed which defames our
prestigious institution or member(s0
directly or indirectly.
7. No personal attack will be allowed.
8. No post inclining to disturb communal
harmony or caste-ism will be allowed.
9. No post disgracing other institutions will
also be allowed.