Through the powerful earthquakes and the devastating tsunami we feel the danger of our lives.

This group is created to update ourselves of the present condition of the crisis in Japan so that we may be aware of the things that we are suppose to do at least to minimize a faulty decision.



Paalala lang po sa lahat na sana ang mga Donations lalong-lalo na kapag involve ang Bank Account transfer ay kailangan lang siguro na double check ninyo kung saan ninyo ipapasok ang donations at alam ninyo na ito ay credited organization, that at least everyone knows.

Personal Donations and personally handed donations ay siguro mas maganda na alam nyo ang situations or at least alam nyo ang taong tumanggap ng iyong donasyon.

Paalala lang po ito dahil alam natin sa panahon natin na baka may magsasamantala din sa pangyayari. And be reminded that BAYANIHAN SA JAPAN is group to facilitate in the exchange of information about our situations in Japan and even to connect Families back in the Philippines.

At the same time, to connect Filipinos in Japan in the facilitation in charitable works that we know is badly needed of those who are affected by the powerful earthquakes and devastating tsunami.

This Group was created during the Natural Crisis in Japan last 3/11. Somebody asks us "what is this group ?"
"for what purpose.. and this group to lead where?" My simple answer is I think this group will lead us still to that purpose from the original purpose because the problem brought about by the 3/11 National Disaster is still not been finished! It is still the same Group that concerns the stated problem and any other things that concern us here in Japan. This Group is still a team BAYANIHAN. Mabuhay!