Order 66

Order 66 is a group dedicated to the purpose of experiencing art...s that are biased in the dark, sinister, evil, scary, etc. It was originally started for the purpose of giving the hard/dark drum and bass a home as locally in the NW the support was dwindling. Pushing forward, the group is becoming a meeting place for a global community to share and experience our love of dark inspired art. Primarily on the DnB/Breaks/Hardcore side of the spectrum of music, other genres are welcome as well, however it is not the focus of the group at this time. This group is not limited to just music, but also videos (music videos, shows, movies, etc), pictures (photo’s, paintings, drawings, etc, not so much memes, PLEASE!), stories or general comedy (articles, news, blogs, web content, etc). So just about anything, as long as it fits the overall theme of the group: DARK RELATED CONTENT

If you want to post about something light and feel good, this is NOT the place to do it.
Content posting rules
1: Must post content of something relating to arts of the dark variety. Music, pictures, videos, ie something everyone else can absorb. No raw ads, must at least lead to something related. Ex, NO links to like pages. This group isn't about shameless self promotion, it’s about content sharing.
2: Events, radio shows, pod-casts, etc are welcome here, as long as they fit the theme of the group.
3: Post content directly from the source if ever possible, preferably not a re-post of a re-post. It happens, but lets try to give credit where its due. This isn't a group about stealing, lets keep it clean.
4: Keep re-posts to a minimum. This is mainly in place to prevent spamming, but sometimes the content is so good it gets a re-post. If the content is so good it gets re-posted, just make sure it wasn't posted recently enough to make the feed look like an ad campaign. Take the time to read the groups recent postings before sharing, your post might be redundant. This group is about community, so please take part in it.

Commenting rules
This is about building community in sharing the art we love. As this is a community, it is a meeting place of opinions as well. It’s the internet and everyone has an opinion, so please take the time to share your opinion on a topic, and not insult others because of a disagreement of said opinion. Poking fun, jabs and jokes are great, as long as they are done in good fun. So let’s not be a bunch of raging rabid monkeys throwing feces everywhere, it makes the place look like shit.