STAMP COLLECTING is the worlds most popular hobby.

Greetings to all. We have set down a couple of basic rules to ensure this forum remains a fun and entertaining place for all stamp collectors - new and experienced.

First and foremost, this forum is to have fun, exchange info and stamps and talk with other stamp enthusiasts. We want to encourage new comers to this hobby and would love to hear from you more - even if it's a simple "hello" or "I'm sooooo confused". Feel free to contribute.

We ask all members to read and follow our modest list of rules. Just click on the link -> FILES <- and download the pdf titled Stamp Forum Rules.

Please note: We are limiting the number of ONLINE sales here. We've had far too many links and this isn't an ONLINE sales forum. Please respect the rules. 1 sale per week only and we will be deleting excessive sales listings.

When posting multiple pictures please create an album to put all your pictures in.
Multiple posts may be deleted.

Thanks all and welcome.