Blackall and Surrounding Buy Swap Sell - Computer/Phone Friendly

************* Hi Members *********** Computer & Phone Friendly

Welcome to Blackall and Surrounding Buy Swap Sell

We are happy for anybody to be part of our group as long as you follow a couple of simple rules.

*Be over the age of 18 years (If you are below this age, please ask your parent/guardian to become a member and help you acquire the item)

*Dogs and cats are no longer allowed to be advertised on this site due to previous compaction's

*Bumping is allowed every 12 hours (Please don't abuse this system - Bumping is when someone says something like the word "Bump" to bring their image/text to the top of the group page)
No Bumping of anyone elses items as this is unfair to others.

*Cleaning of Group - To help keep the group clean, we may occasionally bump items to the top weekly (ONLY) if we are not able to contact you via Private Message first. amanda finley amy parfit Debbie yeomans and aaron piper have taken on this responsibility, if you receive a message from her regarding an item, PLEASE respond ASAP to ensure that items are not being bumped for extra exposure and may already be sold.

*Albums - You may create your own personal album if you have multiple items that you want to sell, feel free to use this option as it will make the whole place much tidier. Did you know if you upload to your album it will make it much easier to find your own items if you want to delete or add more info.

We ask that computer users use albums for more then 1 item, however phone users could you please upload a max of 5 items at a time in 12 hour period. (Saying this, please only bump 5 items at a time in 12 hr period also)

*Could you please add your location to your listings (as we are Blackall and surrounding)

*We are allowing computer users and iphone/mobile phone users to access the wall 24/7.

*Once your item is sold, please write SOLD and contact one another regarding payment/collection arrangements, as within a week your item will be removed. If you cannot delete your photos/info just say Admin please delete.

*On the right hand side, there is a search feature (Magnifying glass) Click this, and type in what your looking for and all options will come up (you can use this to find older items or to help bump your post)

We are here to help moderate the group, but please remember we have jobs, families and lives to attend to and may not always be available at point of call - Please consider your words before saying anything hurtful.
-Abuse will not be tolerated, if you have something to say, please say it politely on the wall.