Girl talk! Single, married, divorced, mothers or not moms, a women group!

This group is for the married, divorced, single, going to be single, engaged , depressed, happy, pregnant or want to get pregnant or women that has a Story, or need advice, wants to share what there kids, hubby, boyfriend/girlfriend says, want to share pics or just want to simply talk. I know there's times I need advice or someone to talk too. This is why I made this group so we all can get to know eachother. Introduce yourselfs if you like, and add whoever you'll like. I hope everyone can use this group and it's helpful. Thanks and enjoy. :) one more thing, the only reason I only made this group for our women is because I want my mail and women sex feel comfortable and if one of us girls talk about or has questions or advice about, breast feeding, how to get over a ex, or periods or pregnancy just girl stuff I wouldn't want the men to feel grossed out. This group is private so no one unless you are a member can read these post. Thank you again!