Baseball card Sports cards Facebooks finest Auction Page

This is a Auction Group set up with some of the BEST Buyers and Sellers on Facebook, the admins will do our BEST to keep it drama free any concerns or suggestions please contact one of us ASAP....
The rules are simple:
1. Absolutely NO DRAMA
2. Respect one another
3. Auctions can last from 20 minutes to 48 hrs.
all auctions must have state ending time and a date it end! Also when auction is over please tag the winner in a post on it thanks
4. Sellers can start the auction at whatever amount they want
5. Sellers, please state if you have a reserve and let one of the admins know the price
6. You are allowed 3 ACTIVE auctions on the group
7. All items won must be paid within 24 hours, unless prior arrangement has been made with the seller (non payers will be booted)
8. Bid increments will be determined by the seller. Min of $0.25 if not listed
9. All items shipped on this group will be mailed with tracking #, absolutely no PWES !!
10. The winning bid is the last bid that comes in before the time stated: For example if the auction ends at 10pm est, the last bid that comes in at 9:59 est, wins the card
11. WE, the admins, highly recommend that buyers pay with GOODS but it is not required.
12. There is absolutely no extending of auctions once it has started
13. If any members have a reserve of $50 or more, please COIN your items or write your name on a piece of paper and place it next to the card. No Business cards for your company only coins or paper with name on it. This will avoid any further issues of proving that the card is really in your possession
14. To protect the members and the integrity of this group. Signed cards or memorabilia's are only allowed to be sold if they are certified by card companies such as Topps, Upper Deck, Donruss, Playoff, Sage, blah blah, you get the drift and or Upper Deck (UDA), Steiner, PSA/DNA or Beckett JSA,Leaf. Please put picture of coa in post!! If company is not on the list pm a admin and we will look into the company!!
15. NO MORE posts and advertisements about EBAY items or questions, also no cross promoting any other links or business's on your one to do so will not only have their post deleted but also be booted from the group
16. Sellers are only allowed to bump their auctions 5x times a day...please use them wise!!!
17. No box or case breaks Also No Razz's Allowed

things that are OK: you can have a reserve, you can start a auction at whatever price you want, also remember....... we are all into items at different prices so Please respect each other with this! Anyone that gets out of line will be Quickly removed...... thank you to all and Please ENJOY :)