Formartine Freecycle

A page for the sole purpose of advertising your items that are free to anyone... You must state the true condition of the item...
Administrators of this site hold no responisbilty for any of the items exchanged.This page is for people to exchange goods for free in the Formartine area.

The only few things we ask is that if you are getting rid off 3 or more items can you make an album of them. Putting them on individually takes up a lot of space on the page. Please DO NOT make a album up for only 1 or 2 items only

Also if you are bumping a item a few times can you remove the original bump as again this also takes up a lot of the page. Please also bump your item once in a 24 hour period.

When your item has been 'passed on' can you please remember to delete the post thank you

All photos will be removed after 2 months as its easier to keep control of the photos doing it like this!!

Also items are'taken as seen' unless otherwise stated by seller!!

One last thing if you see a advert for loans or any dodgy looking adverts then please inform admin either by pm or a separate post. As the people who put these on block admin from seeing them and we don't know about them thanks

The page shall not standing for any slanderous comment or abuse to any members on the page, if any dispute should arise they should be sorted out between seller and purchaser only

Happy buying and selling folks xxx