Kitenge Africa Foundation-Leaders

Kitenge Africa Foundation (KAF-Org) is a registered Non-Governmental Organization Reg. (Cert. No. CEN/430) based in Kampala, The Republic of Uganda, East Africa. It was founded by Mr. Koojo Justus Kojax in 2008.

Kitenge Africa Foundation is a charity organization that was started with the aim of reducing suffering and working to assist disadvantaged children.





Kitenge is a Swahili word that literally means “an African cultural dress”. Normally most preferred by the Elders in Africa.

So, on founding Kitenge African Foundation in 2008, our major goal was to improve the street children's health, hygiene and sanitation through regularly donating clothing and sanitation materials.

Eventually, this ruled out clothing material as the principal basic donation made out to the street homeless children. It was whole heartedly passed on from the elders to the little ones, the name was derived from there hence calling the Organization “KITENGE AFRICA FOUNDATION”.

In addition, the organization's logo simply demonstrates a better addressed-dressed-up Africa, Africa in a better Physical appearance.

By the end of the year 2009, we had realized positive results as far as improved smartness and hygiene of the street kids was concerned. However, noticed that it did not make much sense having them as smart but still with hungry stomachs, uneducated, ignorant, homeless and vulnerable to abuse.

So then, as advised by the community development officer, Kampala City Council, Ms. Akello Molly and our Board of Directors, we as a body resolved to expand our objectives from just clothing the street children to feeding them, providing shelter, affording them educational opportunities and championing their rights.

Strategies Employed:

Kitenge Africa Foundation hence designed and runs six different programs that simplify our objectives to help us realize our mission and vision and these include the following:

•The Kitenge Family Based Care program (K.F.B.C.P)

Under this program, children from very poor and disadvantaged families are identified and supported with basic needs from within their families. As an Organization we supervise and monitor the general life of these children that we support this way and endeavor to visit these poor families as often as is practicable. Children supported under this program are basically aided with food, clothing, Education, basic medical assistances and any other possible basic needs.

•The Kitenge Street Child Outreach Program (K.S.C.O.P)

Currently, this program stretches out to over 100 street children whom we meet weekly to share love, knowledge and experiences with. Normally we meet every Sunday afternoon to do different activities all as one. They are given an opportunity to wash, to have their hair cut or shaved (if required), given a nourishing meal and basic medical care. The program is a safe and secure environment, one that allows room for learning, sport, and counseling. The day concludes with Bible study, although the charity is fully committed to assisting those in need regardless of belief.

•The Kitenge Children's Home program (K.C.H.P)

A number of children have been adopted through this program and taken into our rented village homes. The children are provided all basics including food, shelter, clothing, education and general basic materials.
However, we anticipate buying our very own land to construct our permanent Orphanage which is intended to accommodate a considerable number of homeless children. The Kitenge Village shall be comprised of the Kitenge Children's Home, the Kitenge Children's school, the Kitenge Church Ministry and the Kitenge Community Hospital.

•The Kitenge Independent Living Program (K.I.L.P)

This program is designed to suit Ex-Street Children that have graduated from The Kitenge Children’s Home. At a later age, we see the children leave to go and live independently. We rent them simple structured houses where they start and lead their own lives. We still monitor and supervise the Independent Living Children and the Organization will seek to provide support and guidance until such time as they are responsible enough to live their lives totally independently.

•The Kitenge Community Development project

This project basically prepares and improves communities to be better serving environments to the Children who live within them. This includes the Community Libraries and galleries which serve as resource and entertainment centers for the children and the youth to research and keep entertained to majorly keep them focused from idleness and destruction. This program is further anticipated to open up a community computer laboratory which will volunteer to fight computer illiteracy in the Children and youth. It is essential that the young are equipped with skills and training to enhance their employment prospects in the future.

•The Kitenge community Outreach Program

As a Charity, often we all unite and gather to do Community Service in different areas. We do go visit the sick and pray for them, we visit community schools, churches and other organizations to share knowledge, skills and experiences.
Still under the Kitenge Community Outreach program, we offer free guidance and counseling to entire communities, sensitization programs, train Self Developmental Skills and self sustainability skills, make donations i.e. books, clothes, and basic material needs of Children.


As an NGO, Kitenge Africa Foundation does not claim to have all the answers. It is aware that each child is unique and every case has to be dealt with sensitivity and understanding. In order to ensure that its staff operates to the highest ethical standards the Charity has already forged links with local and international organizations working in this area. Child protection cannot be a mere aspiration, the safety and well-being of these vulnerable young people needs to be at the heart of everything we do. By being in touch with others working in this field we can seek suitable guidance and ensure appropriate action is taken to deliver our mission.