You know you grew up in Hamilton, Massachusetts when

I wonder what kids 16,17 years old do for fun nowadays in Hamilton...... I remember one New Years eve, me and a close associate, I'll keep his name out of this, went streaking right past the Hamilton Police that were posted right up at the train depot. We ran past them and over the railroad tracks toward the liquor store in the plaza. We took off down the bridal path towards the winthrop school. They were gaining on us, but we were in great shape because it was winter, Basketball Season. We had knee high white socks on with stripes at the top, and of course red sox hats. We couldn't get caught, remember what streaking was,.....running, Bare ass. We ran down the bridal Path and Veered off to the right near the Sevigneys yard. We continued through that neighborhood and got on the roof of a nearby Barn, we sat cold, and Naked, until they got tired of looking for us. We had clothes nearby. That, was one hell of a New Years Eve. Ted B.