Alabama Deer Hunters

This is a site for discussion of deer and deer hunting. This is ...a family site to learn more about hunting. This is a site for everyone to learn more an progress as hunters rules are as follows.

1. No bashing people's kills or way of hunting period.

2. You may promote your business but only make one post an only bump it to the top once a day.

3. No posting or bragging about illegal activities keep it to yourself.

4. If you see a problem report it to me do not call the person out on there post let me handle it please.

5. No cussing or arguing or trying to stir the pot if your opinion isn't ask don't give it an if it don't be rude.

6. Try to clean your kill up before you post don't post picture posing with body parts or organs be classy about it.

7. All scoring questions must be posted on the Alabama deer scorers this keeps this page clean.

8. If women post kills please no vulgar comments once again there is kids keep it to yourself.

9. You may post for sale post but it has to be strictly hunting related and don't bump more than once a day.

10. No gun for sale post if you are trying to sale or trade guns do it privately.

11. No spamming of other al deer hunting pages other states an business pages are fine but no other al hunting pages

Admin and moderators reserve the right to delete any person or post. Just keep it clean an don't argue an fuss an we will not have a problem.if you have any question pm me. Good luck to everyone and happy hunting.