Gambler Bass Boats

Over twenty years ago, a team of skilled craftsmen set out on a deceptively straightforward mission: "To Create the World’s Finest Bass Boat…The most innovative, best engineered, and most satisfying bass boat imaginable." Through the years we have never lost sight of that goal, day after day, boat by boat, the process has been continuously perfected enhancing performance, speed, durability, and function to exacting standards of excellence.
We accept the opportunity to build a custom handcrafted bass boat for you as an honor and with great responsibility. We are better prepared, and more committed than ever to live up to the expectations of the few discriminating bass boat buyers who will settle for nothing less than a Gambler.

We are confident that when you receive your custom hand crafted Gambler and experience the thrill of driving and the pride of owning a Gambler, you will agree, "Life Will Never Be The Same."