P.A.P.A. - Ping-Pong Ardsley Park Association - Palmer Chapter

The Ping Pong Ardsley Park Association (P.A.P.A.) is a collection of guys, and perhaps a gal or two, that enjoy the competitive, and yet jovial, sport of Ping Pong. Please see the Rules and Regulations below.

The Board of Trustees:

William Brooks - Co-Commissioner, Founding Member
Jonathan Anderson - Co-Commissioner, Founding Member
Josh Courter - C.O.O., Table Provider, Founding Member

Voting Members:
Eric Haynes
Jason Anderson

Non-Voting Members
Eddie Edenfield
Tim Foster
Stephen Updegraff
Pat Downing

Rules & Regulations:
1) Games are played to 15, win by two, unless no one is waiting, in which case, games will be played to 21, win by two.

2) Game participants MUST shake hands or high-five following game, before marking score. Failure to do so will result in a one-game suspension (to be approved by board).

3) Slamming or throwing of paddles in anger will result in a 3-game suspension.

Further rules and reg's will be posted as voted by board members.