NYC Weiss Schwarz / Bushiroad Group

NYC Weiss Schwarz / Bushiroad Group

This is an independent fan made forum. The purpose of this group is for players to discuss/chat with other members as well as selling and trading.

Meet ups at Rockefeller Center and Card Quest on the weekends:
Rockefeller 2PM - 11PM Friday/Saturday
Card Quest 2PM - 10PM Saturday/Sunday

Listed are usual days/time, may vary on some days, check group status/post/comments on those days.

Card Quest:
- 136-20 Roosevelt Ave #201, Flushing, NY 11354
- Located on the 2nd floor of the New World Mall

Rockefeller Center:
- 45 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10111
- Located under seating area under Nintendo World
- Photo link (read photo details for more info):

We play the following Card Games:
~ Cardfight Vanguard
~ Weiss Schwarz
~ Precious Memories
~ Chaos
~ WiXoss
~ Level Neo
~ Etc(Basically a lot of Japanese Card Games!)

-When making WTS posts, post ONLY the link to a photo album on YOUR OWN page. This rule does not apply to administrators or sponsors.
-There is to be NO BUMPING of threads. Doing so will cause the thread to be deleted entirely.
-The only languages allowed are English and Japanese. Posts in any other language will be removed upon discovery.
-Be kind and respectful to each other!
-Please refrain from making personal buy/sell/trade files in the documents.
-Please be courteous to others regarding transactions.
-Do not advertise your store information without permission from the admins.
-Please make it clear what currency you will deal with as well as payment options and shipping methods.
*In the case that one of the administrators deems that a post and/or topic is inappropriate and/or a breach of regulations, it will be deleted promptly and without notice. Please consider this as a warning.