Avoid sainsburys for at least one shop.

Hi, please pass this on to all of your friends. I want to get at least 100 people to not shop at sainburys for at least one shop. please post amout spent at other shop on page.
The reason for this is their customer service.
I have a pair of £29 Sainsburys own brand ( Tu ) sandals that I have only worn twice that have a collapsed heel. Sainsburys admitted 'Yes they are faulty but I must have walked in the wet' They will not exchange anything now without a reciept.( brought in Jan of this year) Faulty or not. And you must not wear their shoes in the wet!!!!
I want all of you to miss at least one shop and to make then lose at least £1000 in buisness. We can't let these money grabbing corporations take advantage of their customers with this outragous policy.
Its not about my sandlas its about standing up for our rights as consumers.
Thank you and please add any other bad experiences to page and forward to all.