Grinnell Forum Beach

Shortly after creating the "Grinnell College Early '80's" group, I tried to change the name to just "Grinnell College '80's" and there was no way to do it. Then the "Late '80's" group started up. So now we ... have two playgrounds ... which is cool!! I'm thinking it's a little like the Grinnell social experience in the era before cellphones and the internet made finding and connecting so immediate. Never quite knowing where the party was hoppin'. I remember a lot of walking. To the Forum. To the Pub. To North Campus, South Campus, Off Campus. Decisions were made, or not, about where you were going to head, and when you were going to hang. Well this party hoppin' on FB is pretty painless, sooo... why not keep the kegs rollin' at them all? Some of you may not be aware, but there are a lot of '70's and even '90's people drifting in here too.

Sooo... I am starting a new group called the Grinnell Forum Beach and dropping the era designations all together. Some current students have shown an interest in our stories and traditions, and I'm sure we all are curious about what they are up to. So If you think you'ld like to strip off some winter blues and hang out in the sun ... This group is going to be wide open to discussions of any and all natures. Just like the Forum Beach always has been. Want to get in a intellectual debate? Want to just rant a bit? Maybe just watch and be watched? We'll see you there.

It's going to take some time to invite everyone because there is not an easy drag and drop solution to this. If you haven't received an invite yet ... YOU ARE WELCOME TO JOIN !! Please send me a request, and also invite anyone you think might be interested. Especially if you have contacts with current students - maybe kids who are attending Grinnell. Please help get the word out, and have FUN with it.