FIV Cats - Owners Support Group

A support network formed to faciliate sharing of knowledge dealing with FIV, and giving support to fellow owners and caregivers with FIV pet or community cats.

Started in Singapore in 2010, the group has now gone international with members from all over the world such as Australia, Canada, Estonia, Greece, Malaysia, Netherlands, UK, USA, etc.

FIV cat related adoption posts are welcome but please be sure to include your Country and State in your post(s) given that this is an international group. You may also want to try posting on your local cat related websites first for greater success in finding your FIV cat a home.

Meanwhile, kindly refrain from posting business advertisements (i.e., sale of cellphones, sunglasses, etc.) or non-cat related information. If errant messages are found, they will be removed. Repeated offending posts will also lead to a membership ban. Thanks!