I woke up this morning around 3:30am when everywhere was still and dark. I was still lying on ma bed and didnt know how it all started. All of a sudden I started to imagine where I would have been or how my life would have been if GOD ALMIGHTY was not a forgiving, pity and mercy having GOD on sinner like me.
I asked ma self how many including the so called pious people will still be living, if GOD possessed an unforgiving attitude like the satanic gods.
I was entangled into much greater fear when i started to imagine how it would have been or what would have been happening to me, if I had woke up in ma grave at that time where I can no long ask forgiveness.
Ya Al-Rahman, Ya Al-Rahim, Allahu karim The only forgiver of sins, God of past, current and generation unborn, the only master of judgement day, I pray that even though I never lived according to Your will, I am still mindful of how You want me to be. with a humble spirit, I beg and plead on ma bending kness for You to forgive and rescue me and all from all our unrighteousness.