Share Your Youtube Channel And Video Here.

The reason that this group was created is so that we can all share our videos that we have uploaded on Youtube, and this is a way for you to get subscribers and views on your videos.

FACT 1: People use videos to promote their business or websites.

FACT2: By participating and sharing your Youtube channel and viewing other members videos, it will boost the rankings and get indexed by the search engines.

FACT 3: Videos get indexed by the search engines a lot faster. Getting a lot of views helps with the ranking too.

FACT 4: Google owns Youtube (need I say more) No need to state the obvious, doesn't it make sense that Google will go to their own site when looking for good quality videos to put in their search engines, and if it has a lot of views on it, that's going to surely help with the rankings. Let's all pull together and help each other to get views on their videos and reach the top spot in the search engines by going to members channel and viewing their latest video and leaving a comment if you like it, and subscribing as well to their channel.



Post your Youtube channel and your most recent video, so that members of the group can subscribe if they like your video. By leaving a comment and liking it in the group will certainly help too. Since Google and the search engines count these social signals as well. This will help with the indexing and ranking of your video provided you have chosen your keywords well.

I look forward to seeing what gets posted here in this group and here's to your success in hitting the TOP SPOT in the search engines.

Terri Pattio
Admin and Creator