The Nathaniel Fund

Nathaniel Schull, 17 years old, was born with a rare eye disorder called Aniridia. The disorder is characterized by the lack of irises in both of his eyes. It also entails many other problems such as cataracts. He has had this disorder since birth. Within the last year our family has been blessed with this new ground breaking surgery to give him artificial irises. It was a major blessing, but it is still yet to be approved by the FDA, therefore we had to pay the cost out of pocket. We have opened a fund at the Webster Bank, the money within the account is going towards paying off the expenses and debts in order to complete his surgery. In order to make donations to this account you can send checks payable to the Nathaniel Fund C/O Webster Bank PO Box 565, Orange CT 06477.

The surgery is an implanting of an artificial iris created in Germany. One eye has already been completed and his vision has gone from 20/100 to 20/25 since January 13th. The results are completely unbelievable.

Nathaniel is a very gifted and sweet young boy with tons of talent. Please either join and add others in support to raise awareness of this rare disorder, or please donate into his fund.