Filipino Worldwide Food Trippers

Welcome to Filipino Worldwide Food Trippers Group. Here we meet people sharing interesting and fascinating foods while learning diverse experiences on how to cook these foods to suit the Filipino taste with perfection -- over breakfast, at lunch or at dinner , or even on exchange of sweet talks through kind comments with each other.

Everyone with foody interest and enthusiasm is welcome here! Our members come from a wide variety of family backgrounds and provincial cultures. And perhaps, a good conversation is as enjoyable a part of our get-togethers as good food.

Say, SHARE YOUR FOOD! And let's talk about it

We are accepting your request to join this group in good faith that you will have no problems following these guidelines:

1. As far as possible, kindly ensure that the images you post are taken by your own camera, and copyright owned by you. However, posting any photo other than yours are still acceptable as long it is properly acknowledged.

2. Please be respectful and constructive in your comments and criticisms, and let us make them in Tagalog or English for the benefit of everyone in the group.

3. Kindly limit your posts and updates to images or topics that are FOOD-RELATED. Posting ads, promos, products plugs OR SELFIES, "Pls Vote for me" request, political campaigns and other non-foods marketing updates will be DELETED. The posting of any Commercial Advertisements is strictly prohibited in this group.

4. We highly encourage you to give a brief description about your photo, and some procedures you have used in cooking your recipe.

Failure to follow these simple guidelines will result in removal from the group.

We are looking forward to your positive contributions!

Admins of FWFT