St. Olaf Scav Hunt '11: Silver Snakes


Here is the list of items:

Each item is a picture (or video, where specified) you should take of yourself in a certain situation, or of a thing you should find and take a picture of.

Pictures and videos should be taken or made by you (nothing you just found on Google images, etc.). ALL PICTURES SHOULD BE TAKEN IN THE MONTH OF JULY 2011. Nothing from before the contest.

Each item you upload to this group is worth a certain number of points; if you complete it, your team gets that many points. Whichever team has the most points at the end of the hunt wins eternal pride and glory.

The number one rule of scavenger hunting: Be creative, but not lazy. Going to a Canadian Embassy most certainly counts as being "in Canada." But a plush toy of a moose probably doesn't count as finding a moose. If you're exceptionally lazy, I reserve the right to dock a point until you go back and do it right.

(The other number one rule: I'm not encouraging you to do anything illegal. To my knowledge, everything on this list can be completed legally in some way.)

New this year is the "Who Does it Best" section, at the bottom of the list. Whichever team has the best entry for these items will receive the points. The runner-up will receive half-points, and the other teams get nothing. Some of them are completely subjective and will be awarded entirely at my whims. Judging decisions are final, unless bribed.

Also new this year are bonus points. I reserve the right to award up to four (4) bonus points for going well above and beyond the call of duty on any item. These will be very scarcely awarded. If you ask for them, you definitely won't get them.

Everything must be submitted by the end of the day (i.e., 11:59 PM) on July 31st.

Additional bonuses will be given at the end of the hunt as follows:

10 points awarded entirely arbirarily to the overall best or most entertaining photo

10 points if 10 members of your team contribute to the effort
20 points if 20 members contribute
30 points if 30 members contribute
50 points if everyone on your team contributes

A 5 point booby prize shall be awarded entirely randomly.