G.A.G - KYOGLE(group against Gas)

Kyogle Group Against Gas (KGAG)
Kyogle GAG is a not for profit, a-political organization.
The charter and policy of the organization is:
1. To oppose all forms of inappropriate mining industries with a view to preserving the integrity of

• water, air and soil for present and future generations
• Kyogle LGA’s agricultural and tourist industries
• indigenous cultures
• local businesses
• community values and lifestyles
• Local flora and fauna
• Health.

2. To always adhere to Non Violent Direct Action principals (NVDA)
3. To promote the above values in the local community
4. To lobby all tiers of government
5. To provide information to the residents on the dangers of Inappropriate mining activity, in the form of stalls, film nights, peaceful demonstrations.
6. To work with other similar organizations in the Northern Rivers and support worthy projects.
7. To invest members fees and monies raised with an ethical financial organization
8. To deal with local businesses in a fair and ethical way regardless of their or their employees’ views on mining activities.
9. To welcome visitors, guest speakers and new members at meetings
10 . Advocate the transition to renewable energy.