Elk Ridge Swap & Shop

The Swap and Shop is a private group that was established to help clean
out Attics, garages and closets while making money at the same time.
This group not only allows for you to clean out and make money, but to
also create a venue for people to swap and also find wanted items.

We do have rules:
1) All items are to have a complete description that will include the
following info: Description of the item with picture, price, Location and
size or dimensions if applicable. All are to be posted at the same time!

2) All items MUST be in their appropriate albums that we have created. If
they are not, they will be deleted!

3) All items that are sold MUST be removed!! To do so, go to your item's
picture and scroll down and in the corner you will see lots of options
with REMOVE THIS PHOTO as an option, select it and then confirm it's
deletion. All posts related to your item will also be erased by this simple

4) Do not BUMP your posts!! This includes putting asterisks, comments
like still available unless the sale falls through! Your post will be deleted
if bumped.

5) This group is not for promoting personal businesses. Should you be
getting out of your business and have overstock to liquidate at
reasonable prices, it is okay to post these items here. No advertising for
parties or shows related to home based businesses allowed!

6)If you are caught trying to sell an item under someone else's post you will
be deleted from this group. This is rude and not fair to the original seller.

The Owners of this group are NOT responsible for any transactions
between members. All transactions are between the two parties and are
considered as is!! Beware of paying people before getting your item(s) to
protect yourself from scammers. Always meet in a public location! We do
not have ways to screen our members. If you have issues or concerns
about a member, then please notify an Admin immediately!
Please do not post illegal items or any weapons, as according to law, a
background check is necessary to purchase things like guns.

CELLPHONE USERS: The posts will still show up in the feed as they are
listed in the folders and any time someone comments on an item they will also show up in the feed. If you click on the picture, it takes you to that
picture in the folder and on either side of the picture will be arrows that
will allow you to look at the other items in that folder. We have tried
this and it worked. As far as uploading to the folders, since it is a FB
issue, it is out of our hands. You can still take your photos from your
phone and email it to yourself, but will have to use a computer either at
home, school, work or borrow a friends to upload the post to the group
folders. Sorry about that!

Should you need to get in touch with an Administrator for any reason or
even for something as simple as offering suggestions, please direct your
inquiries to Melissa Prins

Thanks and Happy Shopping!