What happened to you at the Crown Lounge in New port Richey.

I'll try to make this short too, but I doubt I can. I remember I couldn't wait to get into the Scrounge Lounge after hearing so many stories from my brother Bobby. I had already been to the ABC Lounge, Maxwell Hammers, Golden Nugget - but never the "Scrounge". So my friend Monica Hulzing, took me there on my 21st birthday where I was more than happy to show my ID. After just a few drinks and being warned for dancing barefoot (because my 4 inch heels were killing me). I was thrown out, barred for life (for not wearing shoes on the dancefloor!) LOL - true story - right Monica! All because the bouncer who carded me, saw my last name and got into many brawls with Bobby. The guy literally picked me up off the dance floor and threw me out - yelling, "Get outta here Addino". I was kicking (with my heels on) and screaming the whole way - like a true 'Dino does - Biểu tượng cảm xúc smile