Beg, Barter, Buy, Sell in North Olmsted and surrounding areas.

The purpose of this group is to beg, barter, buy, and sell items to each other!!! It's like a big garage sale!!! You may post anything that you want to sell, trade, or give away or even a garage sale!!! Posting pics of the items makes for an easier sale!!!

If interested comment on the post first and private message the seller with your information. Seller will contact interested parties until item has sold.

1. Please don't hijack posts. Start your own!
2. Remove sold items in an effort to keep the site clean.
3. As with anything buyer beware.
4. Make sure if you buy something you make sure it works before paying and leaving with it.
5. Be rude and play no more.... ;)
7. Please do not "bump" an item more than once in a 48 hour time period
8. Please save all business postings for Monday. If they are posted on other days they will be removed by the admin.