Knott/Floyd/ Letcher/Perry buy,sell, trade or giveaway

Buy, sell, trade anything that's legal, except Animals- Keep everything fair! It's your item, so you have the right to sell to who you want, but try to make it so that the FIRST person who comments on your item get's the first chance to buy.

I recommend that if you come to an agreement to buy, sell, or trade something with someone that you agree to, contact each other just before leaving home to meet. This will cut down on someone "forgetting."

NO call, NO shows, will result in an immediate REMOVAL.!!!
Insulting people will get you REMOVED as well. If you cant come to an agreement there is a court of law that can help. No need trashing someone, it only makes you look like the fool.

Also on other groups people type 'bump', 'still have this' BTT ...just to get the post back to the top, PLEASE don't do this cause people that are only trying to sell 1 item there post get's moved to the bottom and no one sees it. So if no one comments on your item after 24 hours then you are allow. You will be warned ONCE then your item will be removed.

Everyone needs to remove their pictures after the Item has been sold. Make sure you post "sold"and/or "sale pending" then after 24 hours make sure you remove it. If you can not remove it tag the admin and we will be happy to help.

If you have more then one item put them in an album that way it will be easier to locate and delete. If you post more then one without putting them in an album it will be deleted!!! put a description and price on your item when you upload it.Do NOT comment on each picture, If you do it will be deleted.

Please follow these simple rules, and everyone will have a fair shot at buying and selling!