California Trail Stalkers

The California Trail Stalkers is a family oriented group that is a sister group associated with the Carolina Trail Stalkers based out of Jacksonville, North Carolina. Our mission is to foster various activities that promote the enjoyment of like-minded people with Jeeps. To promote a family oriented club that believes in treading lightly while enjoying the off-road experience. We would like to provide a casual, comfortable social environment where people with different backgrounds can share good fellowship while operating vehicles in a manner as to preserve and protect our land for all generations. Participation or acceptance in the group is not considered an entitlement but a privilege. We do not collect any fees unless it is to purchase a club decal at your discretion. At times when all members agree we will participate in various events such as Toys for Tots donations and drop offs and other various charity events throughout the state. We will also try to meet with the other Charter groups at various major events out of state as well as any other off-road club. We do not condone any illegal off road, trespassing or the deliberate destruction of private or public property. If you do not agree or would prefer to go against this simple policy, it would be best to part ways and terminate your membership with our group. We have the right to terminate members who don't fit in with the one simple Jeep bylaw that was just stated. Please visit the file section to read the State law about vehicle trespass, and check out the Events tab for future meetings (hangouts). If you are searching the page through your phone online, just click on the group icon picture and it will take you to the options page. Welcome!