Black veil brides group !

Warm Greetings Black Veil Brides armies! smile emoticon
Here are some Rules:
1. No Porn
2. No Selfie pics if not related in BVB or other rock, metal, punk, hard core bands.
3. No Endorsement of different products
4. Haters/Bashers are not allowed
5. No rate me, date or pass
6. You may share your problem or ask for help
7. Help and Understand each other
8. No wars or fights
9. Post updated pictures, tours, songs or current happenings in bvb to inform other members.
10. You may have games or other stuffs to have fun
11. Respect each other
12. Always remember we are FAMILY.
13. NO BLOCKING ADMINS. If you do we assume that means you're doing something you shouldn't and you will be immediately removed as we can still see what you post.

Admins :
1. Admin Jai :
2. Admin AJ :
3. Admin Lillian :
4. Admin Renee:

Have fun and God Bless you all.