You know you're from Gowanda, N.Y., when:

This group is for anyone who has lived in or loved the village of Gowanda, N.Y., and for the appreciation of its history, environs and natural beauty.

RULES OF THIS SITE (revised 02.06.14)
-- TO BE ADMITTED: Your Facebook profile MUST mention some connection to the Gowanda area. Or you must have friends who are members of this group. Or you must be the spouse of a member.
-- Remarks about politics or religion are not allowed. Nor are derogatory remarks about other members.
-- No advertising or selling allowed, although notices of sales or benefits in/around Gowanda are permitted within reason.
-- Posted photos should be pertinent to the Gowanda area and/or its current or former residents.
-- MEMBERS OF THIS GROUP ARE EXPECTED TO ACT LIKE ADULTS. Do not attack other members. Do not respond to such an attack in kind. It's possible to disagree without becoming disagreeable.

Punishment is at the total discretion of the co-administrators. Violations will be subject to one or more of the following:
1. A warning message.
2. Deletion of the offensive message, or of the entire post.
3. Ejection from the group for a cooling-off period of a few days to a week, after which readmittance will be allowed.
4. Permanent banning from the group.

We're all human, and people make mistakes. Before you post an angry message, take a breath and read it again. Consider whether there's a better way to make your point without looking like an ass.
If you send it anyway, you can still do two things. 1. Delete the message. 2. Apologize.

Site founded August 2011 by Frank Rizzo.

Frank Rizzo
Others to be announced soon