We Love Mrs. Biehler! <3

This past Friday Mrs. Biehler and her husband were in a horrible accident that involved eight cars total. They were sitting still in traffic and got rear-ended by a man who was driving much too fast and was not paying attention to the road. Mr. Biehler lost his life and Mrs. Biehler is still in a lot of physical and emotional pain.

I made this group because Mrs. Meeks asked me to inform the Stanton Science Fair kids (but I included others as well). I really think that we should all try to do something for Mrs. Biehler both together and individually. We all owe a lot to her for always being there and working hard to make Science Fair an awesome experience for us.

I've e-mailed Mrs. Hornilla to see if she will allow us to use her room sometime after school this week to make cards and plan things to give to show our sympathy and appreciation to Mrs. Biehler as she recovers.

Information about the viewing and funeral will be up as soon as I find out more information. Nothing's been decided yet.