Ramla Said fights for "Rights of Persons with Disabilities"

I started my group 3 and half years ago below is a brief introduction

Brief Introduction
Al-Muqtadir: means the determined, is a registered association fully supported by MEWA, Radio Rahma, KMYA and a few Donors, it was initially a self help group upgraded to community based organization (CBO).

VISION: We aspire to be self sustained group and contribute to community development. to enable to succeed i need a big place with many rooms inorder
to implement all my activities under one roof and the community of the disable people can come and benefit from our center, if there is a well wisher who can help us help our felow disable people we shall apprecite it alot

GOALS: We intend to give a chance to people who are physically challenged an opportunity to earn an income, venture into business, getting medical attention and getting the required education in order to make a better life and contribute to national development in the community.

1. Shoe and leather work shop but could not countinue becoz of lack of fund.
2. Distributing food and clothes to our members especially on ramadhan, if we get them from donors and well wishers.
3. Participating in drug walks every year to represent the disable people.
4. Selling our products and doing acrobatic shows in makadara ground during edd days.
5. Training the physically challenged people and Normal people basic computer packages.
6. Training the physically challenged people entrepreneurship skills.
7. Participating in other organization activities.
8. Formed a Mombasa county disability network, this network consists of disable leaders from mombasa county, we meet and find solutions to our challenges in mombasa.
9. If we get donors to give us wheelchairs, cruches etc, we give members who are inneed of it.
10. We have started a Maddrasa (islamic institute) for the physically challenged people but had to stop becouse of lack of space..
11. We do trainnings like making Alovera soaps..
12. We also perform Dramas and plays to sensitize about disabilities.
13. We also do indoor cames in order to make them feel confidance, open and have fun with each other
14. We also train people SIGN LANGUAGE to eneble us to talk with people who dont' hear...

Any funds you donate enbles us to continue and do more for our disable comunity.. Account No. 19882178 First Community Bank, The Name: AL-MUQTADIR C.B.O . May Allah bless who ever supports us inshallah.