Kaitlyn Martin and Sinead Casey for College Republican Leadership

Please vote Kaitlyn Martin for Chairman of the College Republicans:

I have become good friends with many of you throughout my time on the Executive Board, and I wanted to personally reach out and let you know why I am running for Chairman of the GW College Republicans. My vision for next year is centered around the encouragement of a big tent party, expanding membership outreach and involvement, and increasing our presence on campus, and I would like to take this time to expand on these three ideas.

I have done my very best as your Director of Publications and then Director of Membership in trying to ensure that every member found a way to get involved, that every member had their voice and opinions heard, and that we as an organization were inclusive to all types of different Republican college students. I plan to further these goals if elected your Chairman, and will seek to promote and enhance our image around campus by reaching out to different types of Republicans and expanding to more of a "big tent" party. I want to make it clear that I myself am very conservative socially and economically. In fact, I am probably the most conservative person on the Board on some issues. But on this campus, I realize that we must open up the party to welcome potential Republicans of all stripes and colors. I will never shy away from my core conservative values, but rather I hope that between the seven other members on my slate and our various viewpoints, every type of conservative can find a home in the GW College Republicans.

I have proved that I am a results oriented individual who has gone above and beyond my job description this year, and have been actively involved in the planning of every single CR event. When I saw a void or lack of commitment on the part of other board members, I stepped up and went above my job description by single handedly organizing the 96 Hour Push campaign trip in Florida, planning a Congressional Dinner with Representative Buck McKeon, working with my colleague Sinead on the first ever Women's Congressional Dinner, organizing the widely attended trip to the gun range, planning various membership and community service events, assisting in the logistics of our speakers forums, and filling in whatever other gaps as need be. Furthermore, because I have served two director positions, I have broad experience planning and effectively executing events. These skills are absolutely necessary for the job of Chairman.

I have actively sought more membership involvement and event participation through the expansion of committees and more frequent general body meetings, but next year I want to make sure that our members' voices are heard louder than ever. I want our members to have more of a say as to what issues we debate, which speakers we bring, and what topics they would like to advocate, because I feel that we need to increase our visibility and expand our advocacy and education on campus. It is vital that we ensure our message on campus is promoted in a positive way. To increase our presence on campus, it is important to reach out to groups like Young America's Foundation, whom I have a record of pushing to cosponsor events with, GW Veterans groups on campus, Colonials for Life, GW Greek life, and professional fraternities on campus. By expanding our base we will most certainly expand the reach of our conservative message.

The College Republicans need a leader who will actively fight for the betterment of the organization, who doesn't shy away from responsibility, and who will always put this organization first. Under my leadership, I know that this organization will grow and thrive, and I hope I have your vote for College Republican Chairman on April 12th.

Please vote Sinead Casey for Vice Chairman of the College Republicans:

My name is Sinead Casey and I am running for Vice Chairman of The George Washington University College Republicans. College Republicans has been a defining part of my college experience. This organization has opened doors to exceptional experiences and amazing friendships. That is exactly what the goal of a student organization should set to achieve. My goal for next year is to insure that this tradition continues.

I am very proud of the work we accomplished as an organization this year. This year as Director of Public Relations I expanded our media outreach making many new press contacts with prominent organizations such as Politico, CNN, ABC News, Congressional Quarterly, The National Review, and many more. The quantity of Press Releases and Media advisories issued by the organization increased tenfold from years past.

Our debates were strong and covered a wide range of topics. I was proud to help talented and bright debaters find the opportunity to defend the conservative platform. I was excited to find new freshman to replace our veteran debaters in years to come.

I went above and beyond my job description to help plan and execute the Florida Campaign Trip for Rick Scott. My position this year at points seconded as Political Affairs Director, as I put on two political events: The Women’s Congressional Dinner and the Business and Politics Event. Kaitlyn and I were proud to be the board members who members knew they could turn to when they wanted to see events, as was the case when general members brought Herman Cain and Andrew Breitbart.

Below you will find my platform for Vice Chairman:

Special Events: This year I was successful in putting on unconventional events such as The Election Day Pregame, The State of the Union Watch Party, and The Women's Congressional Dinner. Next year I plan on continuing these events as well as expanding on more out-of-the-box ideas such as a GOP job fair, a CR blood drive for the troops, a big tent event, cigars with the congressman, and many more.

Alumni Outreach & Fund-raising: It's important that we remember our roots and reach out to former CRs. This can benefit us in many ways-- whether it is through connections to prominent speakers, or fund-raising. During my time at GW I have maintained strong relationships with former GW CRs and have reached out to those prominent alumni. For example, at the Women's Congressional Dinner, I brought Steffanie Burgevin to campus to share with us her experience as a founding member of the GW College Republicans. This is exactly the type of relationship an Executive Board should maintain with alumni.

The Ken Buck campaign event held at F Street Bistro, which was a contentious event amongst the current executive board, was a highly successful event that many parents who were visiting for parents weekend enjoyed. As an organization we need to take advantage of Parents weekend, Move-in weekend, Graduation Weekend, and Alumni weekend, not only as a potential for fund-raising put to also engage the men and women who raised us right in our conservative experience here on campus.

Campus Outreach: While the role of Vice Chair in the past has typically been a hands-off position with the vague purpose of supporting the Chairman, I plan on expanding that role not only by organizing special events and reaching out to alumni, but also by serving as a liaison to other campus organizations. It makes sense for conservative groups with similar goals to have working relationships, and being minorities on this campus, we must be united so that we can effectively promote the conservative message to our peers.

This year I successfully worked with the College Democrats to organize debates and establish our media strategy for the Gingrich Dean Debate, I worked with Colonials for life on the Abortion Debate, with GWTV on Colonial Crossfire, with YAF on several events including the Affirmative Action bake sale, and with the Multicultural Business Association on the Business and Politics event. Next year I plan on reaching out to various campus organizations to plan events, such as an event on Israel with Hillel/GW politically active for Israel, a FRAT-PAC event with various of our Greek chapters, and I hope to maintain the strong relationship I have built with the aforementioned organizations this year.

In order to be a successful team next year, we are running with the following individuals. We trust all of them fully and know that they are just as excited and impassioned as we are to start moving forward and planning a fantastic year. We ask that when you cast your ballot in support of us, you also cast your ballot in support of them,

Chairman: Kaitlyn Martin
Vice Chairman: Sinead Casey
Director of Political Affairs: Victor Bogachev
Director of Public Relations: Edward "Teddy" Dooley
Director of Membership: Amanda Galonek
Director of Publications: Jill Reavis
Secretary: Amelia Wolf
Treasurer: Elie Litvin