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News Update! (2013)
"Pin Your Post on One Social +"! If you wish to promote your site for an all-time attention without having to re-post all the time to get everyone's consistent attention, you can pin your promotion for RM(?). Please PM me a price in RM (Ringgit Malaysia) I cant refuse? :)

Attention members:
If you noticed why your postings (dubious posts or commercial hard-sell) were deleted without notice (it's nothing personal ya?), it's simply to filter and present quality postings. So, wanna be taken noticed? Put in a bit of effort to blow people's minds away with a good intro/preview/opening line!) STOP trying to use this platform to sell your wares WITHOUT permission and we'll stop trying to delete and block you. Deal?

Rules of Engagement in this Group:

All kinds of edutainment news (Travel, Food, Beauty, Motoring, Social Media/Tech News, and even the Funnies) and personal growth sharing topics are most welcomed!