Stuyvesant Homework Class of 2018

Three reasons your should be using this group:
A. To find out what the homework is.
B. To get help with doing homework.
C. To get help studying.

Rule 1 of HW group- There shall be no talking about HW group
Rule 2 of HW group- There shall be NO talking about HW group
Rule 3 of HW group- You may talk about HW group but if you touch my cupcakes, I will burn you!

Any spammer will be kicked and not allowed back in for a minimum of 2 weeks!!! Thank you. There is also a maximum of 20 upperclassmen in this group.

This group is not to be used to ask for answers, you do that on your own free will on chat if you want to, answers to any specific questions will be deleted and person asking will be banned for a minimum of a week. Exchanging homework is also not allowed. If a teacher finds out people are exchanging homework on the group, the admins will be held responsible. Thus, do it in the chat. Talking or exchanging study guides and other such things are fine.