Disabled Rabbits

This group is for caretakers of disabled and special-needs rabbits to share tips on the special care required for these rabbits, veterinary treatments their rabbits are receiving, and to provide general support for one another.

No one participating on this list is a veterinarian and therefore no one is qualified to give official veterinary advice. All information shared is meant to be complementary to your own veterinarian's advice and treatment plan. You should consult a qualified veterinarian before performing any medical treatment on your rabbit.

Each person comes to the list with their own experiences and level of knowledge; what has worked for some rabbits may not work for other rabbits, and in fact could be dangerous under certain circumstances.
For a list of veterinarians, go to:


Here's a rabbit-savvy vet who consults online: http://bunnyhopline.com/

We'd like to keep this group supportive, friendly and free of personal attacks. Discussions about breeding are off-topic for this group. All off-topic posts will be deleted.

The admins for the group are:
Amy Spintman, Educator, San Diego House Rabbit Society
Isis Charbonneau-Anguiano, Owner, DisabledRabbits.com
Kristin Mettler-Woodbury, Educator-in-Training, San Diego House Rabbit Society & Lucky Bunny Rabbit Rescue
Erin Ramsey, President, The Bunny Burrow Rabbit Rescue