2017 Marketing Strategy

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the place where we can have a conversa...tion around what you're learning in the marketing strategy course. It's gonna be fun!

This is a super lightly moderated group that gives you the chance to connect with others like you to help you work through the course material. Feel free to ask questions, share related awesome content, and help each other out.

A few ground rules to get us started:

1) Let's get to know each other—introduce yourself and what you'd like to accomplish with your marketing strategy in 2017. :)

2) You're awesome and so is everyone else in this group. Give your advice and make it positive feedback.

3) Please don't shamelessly self-promote your own content. Share what you'd like to connect with others in the group and ask questions, but this isn't a content promotion channel!

4) Have fun! We're in this together to make 2017 an awesome year of marketing + social media. So let's make it awesome together.
You've got this!