Excelerate - Coaching Mentoring with Michelle Duval

Welcome to ECM - Excelerate Coach Mentoring with Michelle Duval. You have been invited to join this group as a paid member of ECM.

This group invites your full participation to share your coaching wins, ask for support for your challenges, post questions for guidance and support from other members, share solutions, photos, links and other that relates to professional coaching, with a focus on developmental and transformational coaching.

This group is a closed group which means only we members can see what we post. We can be totally open and transparent with each other without our other FB friends seeing these posts. Please note that other FB users will be able to see that you are a member of thsi group.

To be a member of this group you are;

a) active as a professional coach
b) taken some form of professional coach training
c) a member of ECM with Michelle Duval
d) up to date with your ECM monthly subscription fee
e) fully participating in this group by posting and supporting others
f) you commit to a strict confidentiality of each members postings and disclosures in this forum.
g) if posting about a client case study you take full responsibility for protecting the identity of your client.

To find out more about ECM please email [email protected]

To Your Success!

Michelle Duval