Quantum Success Coaching Academy

QSCA facebook page supports ongoing and former QSCA graduates in an uplifting, supportive, mentoring environment. This page is designed to discuss the QSCA program, wins, wobbles, LOA processes and coaching experiences. Please refrain from posting personal business information promoting businesses outside of the QSCA. Post's of this nature will be deleted.

This is NOT a medium to use to promote yourself or your business in any way. If you are letting everyone know of your success by telling the community: "I just launched my website today. I am nervous and so excited at the same time. YAY!" that is acceptable, but if you are promoting your business, radio show, program, or even another Facebook group
or page, that is not acceptable. Examples of posts that are NOT in alignment with our intention: "Hey everyone, go to www.coachingwithname.com and sign up for my free newsletter." Or "I just set up my own Facebook page so please go here and LIKE it."

This includes Facebook posts on the QSCA page, as well as private messages to members of the QSCA Facebook group that your are not personally connected to as "friends", (and have not asked you about your services), promoting your services. This constitutes spamming, and is a violation of Facebook rules and regulations. Anyone found spamming members of this facebook page will be immediately removed from this group.

Thank you :)