Rampatan Sugador Dangkay ( RSD ) Family Bubong Lanao del Sur

TEACHING deen (religion) to our children is a huge obligation upon all parents. Generally, Muslim children begin to imitate the movements of salat (daily prayers) long before they are able to speak a word, let alone understand its significance or recite surats (verses of Quran), masha’Allah. In fact, as soon as they are able to crawl (9 or 10 months old), children of practicing Muslims will typically attempt to make sujoud (prostration) when they hear, “Allahu Akhbar (meaning Allah is the Greatest, the opening phrase of the daily salat),” or see the prayer rug put down. As they begin to master speech (around 2) we can begin focus on teaching surats and the words of worship that should accompany their prayer movements. In this way, they learn the steps needed to fulfill this important pillar of Islam: performing their five daily salat, long before it is incumbent upon them, insha’Allah. In fact, memorizing the five pillars of Islam is an important part of learning the religion for all Muslims, regardless if they are raised in the deen or revert to it at a later age. But we must do more than just teach the rote memorization of the list: •Shahadah (the testimony in the belief in just one God, Allah)
•Salat (the five daily prayers)
•Zakat (obligatory charity)
•Sawm (fasting during Ramadan)
•Hajj (at least once in a lifetime pilgrimage to Makkah for religious worship) It’s important that parents model these pillars in order for our children to begin to understand their meaning and how they apply to their daily lives, insha’Allah.