Annwyn [Fredonia Amtgard]

Annwyn is a chapter of Amtgard, a form of Live Action RolePlaying, (LARPing).

Annwyn's fields are primarily located on SUNY Fredonia's campus, in Fredonia, New York. (aprox. 1 hour southwest of Buffalo). Annwyn is a Shire in the Kingdom Of Goldenvale.

Current meeting times:
-6:30 pm on Wednesdays
-12:30pm on Saturdays
-both days, we meet by the William's Center/dorms

Current officers:
Sheriff: Brunthor (Dustin Block)
Chancellor: Dathwyn (Kerry Brooks)
Regent: Kerowyn (Ricky Reiss)
Champion: Dee (Jake Meder)
GMR: Jorael (Sean Hallett)