Bring Back Degsy!!! (Derek Hatton)

During the Thatcher administration in the 1980s, the Axe was wielded on Britain's public services, similar to the events of the present day. Liverpool was hit hardest by these cuts and was staring into the economic abyss. A Labour Council, effectively ran by the Militant Tendency, defied government cuts and took a strong stance against the central government. Derek Hatton was one such member of Militant, as they built thousands of homes, built new sports parks and protected jobs and services. It is this voice which is needed in Britain today, with the Con-Dems wielding the axe as freely as Mrs. Thatcher. We, the great people of Britain, need the voice of Militant to protect our national jobs and services, such as the NHS. Bring Back Degsy Please! He alone can restore this nation to greatness. He has the charisma, and the social outlook to get the economy moving whilst investing in our future.

"You're the voice try and understand it." (John Farnham)