Authors, Agents, and Aspiring Writers

We welcome authors at every stage of their career.

Here are the rules for this group:

This group is for all things WRITING!

You are free to promo new releases, your books, your writing blogs, your thoughts on writing and always ask for help from others to improve your craft.

If you have information that you think will be beneficial to writers, please share.

Please do not post the same link/cover/promo more than once a day. This includes promotional services. If you post six different authors in a day, you're flooding the wall and making your promo more like spam.

Please make sure your blog posts are writing related. If you have a feed sending in each blog post you put up, you might want to stop sending automatically and go to manual sharing. Yes, us writers have personal posts on our blogs at times, but if it doesn't have to do with writing, please don't share it here.

It's helpful if you provide an immediate catch word for your post. If you're offering your book for free - put Free Book somewhere at the top! If you're running a contest/giveaway, let us know up front. New release? Same thing. Scrolling in a group tis large makes it easy to miss things.

NO PROMO for anything else. NOTHING.

AND opinions/articles/even books and their links are subject to deletion. We WILL NOT allow anything that is an attack, degrading, or considered bigotry in any form. Please post carefully!

Happy Writing ~ from Your Group Administrators!

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