Groznyj Grad

„Groznyj Grad (Russian: грозныйград) was a large military fortress located in Tselinoyarsk, USSR. The mountain stronghold of GRU colonel Yevgeny Borisovitch Volgin, it was here that Nikolai Stephanovich Sokolov was forced to complete the nuclear-armed Shagohod.

Groznyj Grad was created through Volgin's use of the Philosophers' Legacy. The center of the stronghold contained a weapons lab at the center. The Hind prototypes as well as the flying platforms were developed at this location. To the northeast was a provisions storehouse containing supplies for the base and its personnel, as well as various mini hangars and some BTR-152s parked. To the southeast was a prison and torture chamber that dissident personnel and intruders were placed in. To the southwest was what was presumably a cargo storage area with various large crates in rows. To the northwest was an armory containing weapons of Soviet origin, as well as a parking area for the Objekt 279s, as well as devices that were presumably fuel tanks. Also, Groznyj Grad contained at least two underground vaults, one containing the Philosophers' Legacy, and the other containing weapons of Western origin used for research purposes. In addition, there are large buildings to the south, east and west portions of the base that presumably were for storage or communications purposes, due to radio towers being positioned in close proximity as well as at least one truck being parked in the south. Around the southeast perimeter were some water containers. Various large hangars (approximately six, four westward and two eastward), storage tents/small storage buildings, oil drums, forklifts, a watch tower and at least one radio building were also present to the north of the weapons lab, within the western and eastern sides, respectively. In the Southwest area was a hatch that led to an underground passage linking Groznyj Grad with Krasnogorje. The passage acted as an underground air-raid shelter for the personnel of Groznyj Grad and Tselinoyarsk in case Tselinoyarsk was ever attacked by an air-raid, and the door on the Krasnogorje end also had an alarm system that activates when it isn't unlocked with the proper key as a means to prevent breaking into the shelter.

The weapons lab was divided into three parts: The East Wing, the main building, and the West Wing. The East Wing was where the research facilities are located. The Main Building was where Groznyj Grad's weapons and war machines are developed, and the West Wing, which was technically separated from the actual weapons lab save for a glass bridge/passageway, was where researchers of high importance are held. Trucks also traversed in and out of the base, presumably to transport supplies. The base's weapons lab's East Wing contained a library, which was frequently visited by GRU major Ivan Raidenovitch Raikov, some storage rooms/pantries, a restroom, and a break room/locker room in addition to the research facilities. The West Wing contained the entry room, two unnamed rooms to the left and right, and the holding area in front. The main building contained several supercomputers, as well as cargo elevators for bringing up equipment. On both sides of the weapons lab are searchlight towers. The base also contained a runway for the liftoff of several aircraft north of it, with the storage/hangar areas north the weapons lab leading directly to the road leading to the hangar, and was originally going to be used in the Shagohod's first test. The runway had various watchtowers. Because of its high altitude and close proximity to Krasnogorje (, Groznyj Grad often experienced snowfall.

To the north of the main Groznyj Grad base/airfield is a rail bridge that is used as the primary entrance to Groznyj Grad for personnel, as it is separated by a large river within a canyon. It is identifiable from a building near the entrance/exit that was presumably a check-in booth as well as a pair of watchtowers on either side of the entry way and two buildings below it. Beyond the rail bridge is a minor base that presumably acts as the main gate towards Groznyj Grad that is enclosed with a fence as well as a gate. Two large radio towers are also present, as well as a provisions building, a water tower, and other large buildings. This area also has at least one ZU-23 turret as well as a DShK turret, and some sandbags. To the north of the rail bridge is a winding path, with a building high on a cliff wall as well as a watchtower that eventually leads to Lazorevo, the watch tower also being near Lazorevo's entrance.
Groznyj Grad was later destroyed by The Boss in a nuclear explosion, just before she fought against Naked Snake at Rokovoj Bereg, using a Davy Crockett missile. Later, Ocelot reported the incident to the Director of the KGB, who disapproved of the fortress and research lab's destruction, with Ocelot replying that "they were necessary sacrifices.