IRONSIDE! Syn 3, 84th CTC

Herein contains the trials and tribulations of the merry gang of 11 + the spiritual presence of 1, through the army's 84th Cut tel-- Company Tactics Course.

In line with our Vision,

COMPETENT: We shall chiong hard to master the fine art of drawing EOT overlay and crafting EOT statements that can make the most battle-harden DS wet; and learn how to count from 1 to 15 again with the battle procedure.

COMMITTED: We shall maximise the 24hrs in the day for our learning - literally.

COHESIVE: We shall stay united and press on, even when we are all alone - literally

"Someday you'll be alone,
Way out there in that syndicate room.
Telt flying all around,
Better keep your head close to the ground.
Don't worry Syn 1 / Syn 2 / Syn4, don't worry Syn 1 / Syn 2 / Syn4
Syn 3 gonna bring you home
Syn 3 won't leave you alone.."