Ibiza Winter Residents

Ibiza Winter Residents is a place for anyone living on the white... isle to meet up and chat. Find friends, get advice, see what's on....

This is an open group and the admins do not take any responsibility for any opinions expressed or the accuracy of any facts stated.

Please do your best to help others - some of us have been here for ages and one minute of our time could save someone else hours.
Google doesn't always have the answer....especially where Ibiza is concerned.

Please share your experiences of anything relevant as rules change constantly in Ibiza so up to date information is very valuable :-)

If you post to promote your business then you must offer special deals for residents and also make sure that is not the ONLY thing you do in this group.

You will be excluded from the group without warning if you are considered to be spamming. (max 1 post per week for your business/group/item for sale/event) Anything pornographic/spammy = instant ban so please report those posts if you see them before we do. (Use the 'report post' feature at the top right, and also tag me in the post)

Just like life; you get out what you put in.

How to get a NIE:


Property posts are restricted to one per week, per person and must clearly state the price, deposit, agency status, and any fees.
If you have more than one property you must put them in the same post; or list them one week apart.

Please do not add comments to bump up your property or business post - any additional info should be added by editing your post.

If you wish to post property individually, or more frequently then I recommend the Ibiza Houses group.


Please use the search box before you ask a question that has been answered many times before. If you don't have access to a computer, you may need to access Facebook via your browser (not an app) and you also need to select 'request desktop site' from your browser options.

For questions about cars, use search term 'information about importing cars', 'ownership of Spanish vehicle', 'police checks' and so on.

Car posts:

Import: https://www.facebook.com/groups/20498816064/permalink/10151951951291065/



Finally, please post in the Ibiza Airline Tips, Tricks & Experiences Group if you have questions or information regarding flights.


n.b. This group is unmoderated and self policing. You won't find porn or spam here for long before we spot it but you'll occasionally find swearing; and sometimes opinions that are offensive to you. There is no one here to protect you from other people's words so if you are of a sensitive nature or easily offended then this may not be the group for you.