Spice Of Life Entertainment

Spice Of Life Entertainment was established in 2003. Having ini...tially commenced as a mobile disco service, Spice of Life Entertainment has since branched out into a night club entertainment business having hosted gigs such as Housing Commission, Techno Town, In Too Deep, Hear No Evil See No Evil, All Access EDM, Ill Static, Full Circle and many others.

With so many genres of music touched (Inapropriately) by Spice Of Life Entertainment, our goal is to re-define Melbourne's party culture and break down many of the barriers that currently seperate it's patrons today. We believe in great songs, not styles of music. We believe the party is for the person on the dance floor, not the Dj's own inflated ego.

All of our Dj's submit demo's prior to their employment and are heavily scrutinised before they are placed on a line up for any gig.

Spice of Life Entertainment also boasts one of Melbourne's strangest visual shows. Designed to suck you into the space of the dance floor and have the external stimuli we provide take care of your cerebral cortex so that you don't need drugs to do it for you. We throw parties so good you don't need them and won't want them!

We place a focus on community goals and achievements and often try to do our part for charity. In the past for Oxfam and Movember and always looking to help new charities in the future.

The future for Spice of Life Entertainment is great with our largest gig ever, Sub-Zero Frequencies, taking place on June 12 and our new record label launching in the near future boasting a supply of music designed to break the boundaries of Electronic Dance Music.

We also have a bi monthly radio show on SSradiouk.com which plays the best Electro House, Progressive, Tech-House and Minimal anywhere. But don't be fooled. We also specialise in Techno, Trance, Drum & Bass, Hip-Hop and pretty much everything that sounds good! See More